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Soul Healings Services

Soul Healing Sessions


Basic Soul Healing Session                                          

Basic Soul Healing for Ages 14 and under                 

Basic Plus Soul Healing Session                                  

Check-In for Basic or Basic Plus S.H. Session              

Removal of Family Bands and Locks                           

Removal of Individual Bands and Locks only              

Plus Soul Healing only                                                  

Basic Soul Healing Session


Replace Negative Guides

Heal Fragments

Remove Attachments

Heal Negative Cords

Heal Soul Loss

Cancel Negative Assignments

Parental Wounding

Generational Curses

Outdated Contracts

Past Lives

Clear and Balance Chakras

Anchor and Seal Healing

Basic Plus Soul Healing


Basic Healing above

Remove Energetic Bands on 1st, 2nd, 3rd levels

Remove Energetic Locks on 1st, 2nd, 3rd levels

Cancel Bands and Locks Assignments

Aura Healing

Chakra Healing

Trauma Healing


Check in for Basic or Basic Plus Session

This Check-in is a scan of your energy field for all of the items listed on Basic Healing and Basic Plus Healing 


All Healing is done by donations of at least $50 or better.

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