What happens with an Aura Scan?

The Aura is scanned to determine if there are blockages, masses, tears, holes or any type of damage done to the Aura. A damaged Aura makes you vulnerable to attachments.

What is an Attachment and or an Entity?

An Attachment, Entity or Entity Attachment is when a spirit from the astral plane becomes attached to your Auric Field and lives off of your energy.

What are Fragments?

When we experience trauma in any form in our lives, we can possibly become fragmented where we lose some of our soul energy. Events such as surgeries, abuse, traumatic accidents or experiences are a few things that can cause soul loss resulting in fragmentation.

What is a Negative Cord?

Being in unhealthy relationships can result in us having Negative Cords attached. Parasitic Relationships or relationships where others suck our energies can be the result of attached Negative Cords.

What is Situational Command Healing?

Situational Command Healing is basic mental dowsing. It is using the pendulum to affect and/or change situations. An example of this would be to use a command to "Increase my ability to receive money."

What is an Energy Vitality Scan?

An Energy Vitality Scan is where your personal body wavelength is calculated to determine the level of your vitality overall which may indicate energetic issues.

Can healing be done by distance?

Yes, This Healing can be done by distance. Most of my healing sessions have been done by distance. However, the client must give written permission before I will make an energetic connection.

What kind of pendulum is used for this healing?

The Pendulums used for this type of healing carry a specific vibration that works with the energy around us through commands. These Healing Pendulums work with light energies and frequencies to effect changes in the energy body.

What are the limitations on this modality?

The limitations on this modality are the inability to believe, inability to receive and inability to ask. The healing is done through verbal and non-verbal commands as intentions, affirmations and prayers.

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