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  • What is Pendulum Healing
    Pendulum is just another way to bring healing to the mind, body and spirit just as other modalities such as Reiki does. It works with energy and light. The difference is the tool by which this is accomplished.
  • What kind of pendulum is used for this healing?
    The Pendulums that are used for healing are metal pendulums such as Gold, Silver, Copper and brass. These metal pendulums radiate different frequencies of light. They do not hold memory, nor do they transfer energy from one person to another. ​
  • What are the limitations on this modality?
    I like to say that the possibilities are limitless with Pendulum Healing. The only limitations I am aware of are the ones we put there by our inability to believe. There have been many incredible experiences with this modality. ​ The healing is done through verbal and non-verbal commands as intentions, affirmations and prayers. There is power in the spoken word and we can have what we say.
  • Can Pendulum Healing be done by distance?
    Yes, This Healing can be done by distance. All healing that is not done by direct touch is distant healing. There are no barriers to time and space with any type of energy healing. Whether it is a short distance as standing over a healing table or a long distance such as in another state, the energy will transcend the space and time to get to where it is directed. Most of my healing sessions have been done by distance. I set up a time to have the client relax or sleep and I send the healing just as I would do if we were in person and I am sending the healing. However, the client must give written permission before I will make an energetic connection.
  • What happens with an Aura Scan?
    The Aura is scanned to determine if there are blockages, masses, tears, holes or any type of damage done to the Aura. A damaged Aura makes you vulnerable to attachments.
  • What is Aura Healing?
    Aura Healing entails examining each layer of the Aura. Each layer is searched for bands, locks, tears, woundings and assignments. This healing is in depth and powerful.
  • What is an Entity Attachment?
    When souls exist their physical bodies, they do not always continue into the light to complete their transition. When they do not complete their transition into the light, they can become stuck in the astral field. This astral field is around us all of the time and so are many of those souls. From this field, they can become stuck inadvertently and on purpose in our energy field or Aura. When damage has been done to the Auric field leaving holes, tears and fragments, the Aura becomes vulnerable to Attachments. They slip in through these openings. This is extra energy that you now carry along with your own.
  • What is Fragment Healing?
    When Healing Fragments, all the pieces and parts that have separated from the Aura are brought back and healed. They are then put back into the Aura or your energy field, blended and anchored in.
  • What are Fragments? How do we get them?
    When we experience trauma in any form in our lives, we can possibly become fragmented where we lose some of our soul energy. Events such as surgeries, abuse, traumatic accidents or experiences are a few things that can cause soul loss resulting in fragmentation. This fragmentation shows up in the Auric field when these traumatic experiences occur.
  • What is a Negative Cord?
    A Negative Cord occurs when we end relationships but remain attached energetically. This non-beneficial and outdated cord attached to your energy field can be draining. It also leaves you vulnerable to the person with whom you have remained attached. There are beneficial cords such as with a mother and child, siblings, spouses, etc. should remain intact. Cords are only removed when they no longer serve a good purpose.
  • Locks and Bands?
    Energetic Locks and Bands are put on us by the workers of darkness to control what we do and do not do, to control our habits, basically to control actions. How can they and why would they put bands and locks on people? A lack of love or any incorrect way of loving makes us vulnerable.
  • Who can have Locks and Bands?
    Everyone pretty much. Families, Households, Houses, Buildings, Businesses, Zip Codes, Towns, Cities, Animals can all have Locks and Bands.
  • Do you have more information on each service individually?
    Yes, please click here (services) to access information regarding all of our services. If you have additional questions, I would be happy to answer them for you at any time. If you would just like to chat to better understand how pendulum healing works, don't hesitate to contact me at or send me a text at 585-305-7323
  • Healing for Negative Guides?
    Many people who are aware of Guides assume that all Guides are good and working to help them. This was also my assumption. However, I have discovered by checking the amount of light a Guide holds that some Guides can be from the Dark Side. These Guides are not there for your highest good because they can only be as good as the amount of light they hold. Replacing Guides include calling in New Guides with high Vibration of Light.
  • What is Parental Wounding?
    Parental Wounding happens to us when a parent causes a deep hurt or wounding to our mental, emotional or spiritual well-being. These woundings are mostly unintentional but non-the-less still remains with us. This healing removes the pain of those woundings and helps us to have a deeper stronger connection to our parents. The connections we have to our parents remain even after a life crossing.

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