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Mother's Day SHIFT

It occurred to me during my prayer time that this Mother’s Day I will be back in my home town with a chance to visit my mother’s gravesite. I have not spent a mother’s day with a focus on my mother in this way since I started having children and became a mother myself. It has been many, many years since I have had or have taken this opportunity.

I did not have the closest relationship with my mother. There was actually a disconnection in some ways. There are many reasons for that. Yet I know that for the time, my mother was the best mother she could be to me. I am also fully aware that I am not the only person who may have had some distance or have distance in their relationship with their mother. It is something that many of us do not like to admit because we love and want to reference our mothers, as we should. But we cannot heal what we refuse to reveal.

I realize that this visit to my hometown at this Mother’s Day is an opportunity for me to reconnect. I prayed for the flow of healing with the intention to heal the disconnection between me and my mother and all of the generation of mothers before me and for connection to the generations that follow me.

With this prayer, I felt a massive flow of energy through my heart chakra as if a link was being formed to connect our hearts from the other side to this side. I could feel the release of some energy that I had been carrying and the connectedness of some energy I have not had. I just felt peaceful and present with it. I felt like I had taken my place in the generation of mothers in my family line. I believe and felt like healing happened for all of us.

This weekend I will visit my mother’s grave and have time to be present with a new energy of connectedness that I have never had before. It feels great for this healing to have happened. I am grateful. I can say that I love my mother and have it come from my heart space without being contaminated with the other stuff that has been there. Finally, I feel my connection to her.

I am grateful for this S.H.I.F.T. (Spiritual Healing Involving Facing Truth).

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