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Self Love

What if we all loved ourselves as much as we profess to love others? Would we have so many wars? Would there be poverty? Would we have as much crime as we do? I believe we could solve most of the world’s problems if we all had self-love.

Many of us do not think much about self-love. Too often it is painful to go there. So we push it aside and pretend that we really do love ourselves. We cover up the pain we experience as children when we were learning who we really were from those also hated themselves.

So many of us were taught how to hate ourselves rather than love ourselves because our teachers didn’t love themselves either. They taught us what they knew. We accepted it as truth and made it a part of our belief system about ourselves. But, our words and our actions betray us. If we were forced to answer the question about self-love, we would not admit the truth.

If we could see ourselves as worthy of unconditional love and then give that kind of love to ourselves, we would have world peace. When we see ourselves as worthless, wretched, no good, poor and needy, too fat, too thin, too short, too tall, too fat, too thin, too light, too dark, etc., we will never have world peace because we project this energy out into the world. To unconditionally wee our beauty, to see our talents, our value, our self-worth and love our differences, our quirkiness, our hair and our lips is to unconditionally accept the same for the world.

If we are going to be honest about loving our neighbors as we love ourselves, then we must first be honest about how we love ourselves. The first step is Self-Love.

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