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Healing at the Point of Cause

Healing is bringing oneself back into alignment with that which is wholesome with our highest good. So the need for healing does not just start at the results of the negative effects, the greatest need starts at the point of the cause.

We were playing a family game and my daughter made a statement to my grandson which I thought was profound for initiating a healing process within him. When he was winning, he did a lot of trash talking (for five years old). However, when he was losing, he sulked and pouted. So she said to him, “You’re a sore winner and a sore loser,” as she continued to explain to him what that meant.

Neither disposition was in alignment with his highest good. And though either disposition can be understood and allowed, what are the long term effects? Those effects may not show up for another 10 years. The effort needed to bring the wholeness, oneness and alignment, at that time, may be greater because the initial cause would have had a much greater time to take root and even grow unwanted fruit.

Many of our causes for the need for Spiritual Healing may be acceptable but are they plausible. This need may be better determined as we become more mindful of our words, actions and deeds. My mother use to tell me, “Just because it looks good, doesn’t mean that it is good for you.”

When we practice mindfulness, it becomes easier to bring healing at the onset and nip those unplausible actions, words and deeds in the bud. If they are nipped in the bud, you won’t have to worry about unwanted fruit and then healing happens at the point of cause.

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