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Step Forward

It is the first anniversary of the beginning of my blog page. I knew I was on a journey of self-discovery but I never imagined what I would find or where it would lead me. I am so grateful that I took the leap of faith to explore what I could not see and trust that there was a Divine Design for what I would find.

Just when you think you have discovered and found what you were searching for, you discover that there is so much more yet to be revealed. Today, I am giving myself permission to step forward into places where I have not walked before, to sit at the table of opportunities and to drink from a cup of abundance that has always been right there before me.

With gratitude, I can say that "all of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory." And so I step forward and write:

There is a river of life that flows from all things in Spirit. The flow of all things moves from the spirit into the natural. It is where all things are created. It is the place where we speak those things that are not seen into the place where they are. It is free to all. It is there for all. But all must be willing to step forward from unbelief and distrust. It is the river of life where all possibilities flow.

A couple of months ago, I woke up to the realization that everything is possible. Everything that we as creators can think about can be brought about from the realm of creation because with God all things are possible. We are co-creators with God. It is impossible for us to think of anything that is impossible for God to do. Everything that exists did not exist at some point in time but was born from a thought or some crazy idea. That is why God is a Creator.

I give myself permission to step forward as a co-creator for those things that have not existed for me before. If I can believe them, I shall receive them. I need to trust also that it can be for me. I need to believe that I, too, am able to sit at the table of endless possibilities and not just watch it from afar. I give myself permission to take a seat at the table of opportunities and not just be the one to serve others at the table.

Those who serve at the table and those who sit at the table have two different perspectives about the table and the opportunities at that table. Serving the table creates a mindset of separation from the abundance that is shared at the table of opportunities. Those who serve the table can subconsciously fall into the belief that their role is to help others at the table of opportunities but that those things that are served at the table are beyond their reach and not for them to partake of. So they help those who boldly dare to come and sit at the table.

Langston Hughes wrote a poem, I, too, am America, about being the other brother who will one day take his seat at the table when company comes. We are all the "other brother" if we have not sat at the table of opportunities. The table is big enough for us all to sit and receive from the abundance that is spread before us.

Serving and helping others who are at the table is a good thing but sitting at the table is a better thing. I step forward because I, too, now, want to sit at the table where I have encouraged others to sit. It was easy for me to believe for them. Now I must believe and trust for myself.

I came along in a generation that did not have total freedom to just take a seat at the table of opportunities or so it was impressed upon our minds. Watching so many others sitting at the table, it was no easy to step forward especially when so many signs in your life said not you, not yet. You may come and perhaps take some things from the table but don’t take a seat as if you are privileged, you have to step back into your place. And it is okay to receive some of what is served at the table as long as someone at the table controls how much you are allowed to receive.

Unfortunately, for many of my generation and race, this has been the case, controlled success, controlled possibilities, and controlled opportunities. The controlled constructs were put into place by having those not at the table serve those who are. The belief was that those at the table are different, special and better than those who serve the table as opened seats were pulled closed to prohibit those serving from taking a seat.

But now, I give myself permission to sit at this table. I don’t need permission from anyone else. I never did. I just needed to believe I was worthy to sit at this table too. My seat at the table has always been for me. No one else can sit there for me. My name is on my seat. I just needed to believe it was okay to sit in my seat. I needed to believe that I was worthy and good enough and that I am equal to my brothers, my other brothers sitting at the table that I have only served.

Opportunities are blessings and blessings are not discriminatory. They flow constantly. Blessings are being served at the table every day. If we do not step forward and take our seat at the table of blessings and opportunities, being open to receiving them, they will just pass us by. We must joyfully sit at the table and be open o receive from the flow that is being served.

Step forward and take your seat.

There is a seat with my name on it. I give myself permission to step forward, to take my place at the table of opportunities and to step into the river of life where all that I need and desire flows without restriction.

Love, Rebecca

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