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I am Here

A journey that started out as one to self-discovery has become one of life discovery. I didn’t know where this road would take me when I started out on this path. It was by faith and trust that the Divine to take me where I needed to go. So far it has been an incredible journey of learning.

I have learned many things on my journey. I have released many things as well. I have plucked up old, dead and useless things in my life. I have also planted new seeds. I have enjoyed and embraced new discoveries. I have cried as I let go of old comforts that no longer serve me. I have learned to be more open to possibilities as I have learned that there are necessary times to guard my heart. I have learned that just when I thought I knew and had learned so much, that I know pretty much nothing.

A grand thing about life is that there is a time and a purpose for everything under the sun. Where I was at the beginning of my journey was where I needed to be in order to begin this phase. The time was then. I could not have started this journey at any other point in time because I had not reached that starting point before that. Everything else that happened in my life, lead me and brought me to that starting point. I now understand that I have always been on this journey. Recognizing that I was on the journey is another story. You can always feel and have a knowing that you are moving forward in life but not always recognize where and how you are going. It is by and through life events that we become aware and note these events as starting points.

I sit here today looking out of a new window on my life’s journey of continual discovery. The view is different, the location is different, the energy is different and so am I. Although I may not be able to describe and explain every nuance about myself that has changed, I know that I have. By virtue of the change in physical view and location, I know that I have changed. I had to change my mind in order to change my physical view and make this move from New York to Georgia.

Now that I am here, I am discovering that the energetic needs are different for me. I am coming into energy of greater allowing. I feel less bombarded by the push and pull I felt before my move and it feels good. I don’t believe it is just the location because I have spent much time in this location in the past. I believe it has a lot to do with where I am on my path and allowance of the energetic flow through me. We cannot be where we are until we get there. And although I have been here many times before, I had not arrived in my mind until now. I have said many times that we can only be where we are no matter where others might want us to be.

So I am here. I know where I am today. I know who I am today. I am grateful to be at this moment as I allow the shift in my energy, my perspective and my knowing. It is a point of awareness on my journey as I move forward to greater discoveries of not only myself but life itself.

Thank you for joining me on my journey.

Love, Rebecca

This blog will be the final blog for Love, Rebecca. I will be posting my future blogs on Spirit Speaks Channel

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