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Self-Healing with Forgiveness

I realize that not everyone believes in past lives and reincarnation. However, what I am sharing is more about healing than the question of either of whether either of those topics are possible. So over the past couple of weeks, I have been consumed with watching Alba Weinman, a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) Therapist, who assists individuals through regression. These sessions have been intriguing, entertaining and eye-opening for me as I learn about so many possibilities and how negative energy can potentially become attachments in our lives.

In the past couple of days, I have been asking myself some about my past based upon what I have learned from her. It occurred to me that we draw or are drawn to things based upon what is within us. In other words it is based upon Law of Attraction. So I am now taking some internal inventory. As I am taking this inventory, I have concluded thus far three things.

The three things that I have concluded have intrigued and stuck with me as I watched these YouTube sessions with Alba’s clients walking through their past and future lives learning lessons about each lifetime being shown to them. I have watched these individuals seem to transform from the beginning of the session to the end of the session. I have watched as the causes of physical illnesses, mental anxiety and stress are relieved. The level of healing that has taken place is unlike anything I have seen. So naturally one starts to consider one’s own issues after watching other people’s issues.

The techniques that Alba Weinman uses have many elements. However, what has stuck with me has been about the forgiveness, the light within all and what happens when these two elements are not working properly within us. It caused me to reflect upon my own life, particularly, when she digs deeply into a person’s past to find out what was going on at the time of attraction of the negative energy.

This life experience that we are having is riddled with good and bad, happy and sad, plenty and lack, want and need and plethora of opposite extremes that reel us from one side of life to another. The traumas and dramas of life so often leave us in physical, mental, emotional and psychological disrepair which requires healing. Too often the healing we seek is usually to heal the symptoms of these issues. And though we desire complete relief, we are allowing and receiving surface healing not knowing the real issue and cause.

I have watched a number of people taken back to a time in childhood or younger lifetime when they were struck by tragedy and trauma grief, abandonment, neglect, loneliness depression and more. These traumatic life events left them vulnerable to attract energies on the same level of vibrations which have wreaked havoc upon their lives.

The two common elements used for all of these traumas to heal have been forgiveness and light. Although the beginning of the healing was actually the acknowledgment of the issue and source of the pain, the next step was the forgiveness. Taking ownership and being accountable for your own decision to choose and to feel a certain way or even to allow a certain action is the key before forgiveness can be fully given and received.

In all of this I came to realize that forgiveness must be given as well as received to bring complete healing. When I forgive others for offending me, this completes only part of the healing for me. I must also acknowledge and take responsibility for my part and forgive myself. It is easy to forgive others but the forgiveness is incomplete until we also forgive ourselves. Forgiving myself brings me back to completeness and wholeness. It restores my self-love that I need to have in order to love others.

And finally the piece about the light has stuck with me. I have been saying to myself and a few others who would listen that there is light in the darkness just as there is darkness in light. They both fill the same space. You just can’t see the darkness because the light is turned on. But it is always there and vice versa. The instances where Alba does the healing and walks individuals through forgiveness, she always completes it with having all acknowledge the light that is within us all. That light is the light from Source, the spark of the Divine that lives in all of us. Acknowledging that light and allowing it to expand in us completes our healing.

Watching these sessions have made me take inventory of my life and my past traumas and dramas to take inventory. The Healing Prayer that is prayed in all of the National Spiritualist Association of Churches (NSAC) asks the Great Unseen Spirit to heal but also says that “we will do our part.” The question is now “what is our part?” That has been left unanswered in the minds of most. I have not known completely what that meant until now. My part is to acknowledge my part and participation in bringing myself to a state or place that needs healing. And finally, I must forgive others as well as myself. It is easy to forgive others when I acknowledge my part and forgive myself. This is where my healing begins.

Love Rebecca

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