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There is no savior

It has occurred to me that if there is something going on in my life that I want to change, I have to change it. If I want to do something different or have something different, I have to be my own savior and do it myself. I cannot wait on someone else to come along and help me do it nor should I wait for someone else to come along to help me have it. There is no savior coming to save me from my life.

Where does this need for help come from anyway? Why do we think we need someone or something else to come along or happen for us to get to where we want to be? It has to be a psychological societal deception and set up to keep those on the lower end of society where they are. As long as you think and believe you cannot do it yourself or by yourself and someone else needs to help you, you will be at the bottom waiting with hands out. You will remain sitting in the waiting room of life for your chance to make it in the world, to hit it big, to become your dream and to have your success.

That person and chance that you are waiting for is your savior. That mentality was planted in you to keep you waiting for your chance. It was planted there to keep you waiting for your deliverance. It ties in with everything that I was taught religiously growing up,

I am not knocking Jesus and who he is, or how he served the world, no not at all. I am saying this because Christian religion has taught us that we are worthless and cannot do better or be better unless someone else or something else outside of ourselves help us to be. This same religion has taught us that it is not in us to do good unless we have help from external forces, that we do not deserve to live forever, have a good life, be blessed or have good things come to us unless someone or something else okays that and says we are good enough or hands it to us.

The truth is, the love that God had for the world when Jesus arrived on the scene existed long before that. And if God’s love was as great as it was after Jesus, it had to have had the same intensity or greater before Jesus. As this is so, it means that before or after the value of every man in the sight of God never changed nor will it ever. If God values man that greatly, then man is far more valuable and worthy than he has given himself credit for. If I am valuable, then my ideas and thoughts are too. However, when I carry over this religious mentality into the rest of my life, I am handicapped as I wait for someone to come along and save me from my life.

There are many who have lived and died waiting for the chance, hoping for a change, looking for a break and sitting in the waiting room of life not knowing there is no one behind that door they are waiting for to open for them. They did not know that all they had to do was get up and open the door. They sat there and watched others just get up, put their hand on the doorknob, push and walk through. But because of fear and programming, they will not get up and take the chance to see what is beyond the door. They will not get up and ask why they cannot just go in. They sit and read the fake signs on the wall that says “please be seated and wait to be called.” They read the signs that say “someone will help you shortly,” “be patient,” “we can help you here.” These are fake signs. It is the stubborn impatient person that says I’m not waiting any longer and just walks in that discovers there’s no one there behind the door.

Fear cripples those who are waiting when they hear that no one is behind the door and that they will have to help themselves. Even when they are told by those who have walked through the door, they become paralyzed by disbelief in themselves and their ability to walk through the door without someone else opening it for them. They even doubt the validity of the door when they have to open it for themselves. They question if they should or should not open the door when they would trust without doubt the orders of someone else to walk through an unknown door.

There is no savior behind that door. No one is coming through that door to take your hand and lead you to your promise land. When Candidate for President Barack Obama told the world “you are the one you have been waiting for,” the news media and many others verbally stoned him. How dare anyone tell us that we are our own saviors and that we have to get off our asses and save ourselves? Once again the fear of having empowerment, the fear of having responsibility for our own lives, the fear of stepping outside of societal programming, killed the seed of hope thrown out into the garden of our society. The programming of believing others are better, smarter, worth more, can have more, should lead us and tell us who we are, kept us from seeing our own value and saving ourselves.

I know now that I cannot wait for someone else to say “okay you are good enough” for me to do what I am good at doing. I don’t need someone else who may, in fact, know less than I do to tell me that I know enough to speak what I know. Even if they do, they are still not my savior. They cannot change anything inside of me which is where my change happens. I am the only one who can decide that I want to do, be or have something different.

For anyone who believes that God changes them, I beg to differ. God does not force anything on mankind against his will. That is what free will and free choice is about. And if God did force change, the world would be at peace and all men would share equally. We have the power to change ourselves. We are the saviors that we seek. Myles Monroe said “In the cemetery there is buried the greatest treasure of untapped potential.” If the dream is going to come alive, if the thought is to come to fruition and if the potential is going to be fulfilled, you have to make it happen. No one is coming to save your hopes and dreams. You are already here.

Love, Rebecca

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