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Fear is the Enemy

Fear is the greatest enemy in this world. At the root of all our issues, lies this force that drives all negative actions. It is at the root of all the things that we do not want to happen in our lives. It is behind every hateful action. I can’t prove that it is at the root of sickness and disease, but the possibility is there. It is at the root of every break up in every relationship. It pulls the trigger on our instinct for fight or flight.

It may require digging or going a little deeper beneath the surface of the issue to see the fear. Most of the time it is hidden. The truth can be revealed if we are honest with ourselves. Wars are waged, not from peace, not from faith, not from love, but from fear. It is either fear that the enemy will come and hurt us or will negatively affect us in some way we do not want them to. Or we wage war to supposedly stop them from doing something we have labeled as bad. However, when we are honest with ourselves, we are afraid we will be negatively impacted in some way. Conquerors use different language to motivate others to join them in the quest for war, but somewhere hidden will be a fear. Whether it will be a fear of personal failure or fear of what others think of them, there will be a fear.

When relationships go south and issues arise to insolvency, you probably can find a fear hidden somewhere, disguised as rejections, abandonment, unfaithfulness, anger, etc. Whatever the surface cause may look like. So many times we say it but overlook it or dismiss it. But that feeling of being unlovable comes from a fear of being rejected once again when we have been previously abandoned, abused or rejected. We fear that it might happen again, so we close our hearts and call it being unlovable. It is a fear.

We generate poverty from fear. We may blame it on other things such as, the inability to find work or because we were born into a race or class, or that we are not educated enough. The truth is that successful people are borne under these conditions and circumstances all the time. So these reasons are only the surface reasons. Fear of not having enough, fear of failure, fear of taking a risk, fear of being rejected for the better job, fear of inadequacy all prevent us from stepping out of fear and poverty into peace and abundance. There is more poverty generated out of fear than there is abundance generated out of faith and love.

I believe this world would have the greatest shift to freedom if we could collectively push pass all of our fears. When you think of it, even religion is mostly generated out of fear. The basis of the belief has fear at the roots. It is either a fear of a hell fire, a fear of an angry God, a fear of the unknown or a fear of death. This list goes on and on. Would there be religion if we did not have fears? And to think that a religion is based upon fear has to make you ask why.

I like to believe the scripture text that says there is no fear in love… Perfect love casts out fear. If this is so, then would love be the answer to the fears that we face and live with every day. Would love be the answer to the lack of peace we experience with our neighbors, our fellowman, and our fellow nations? Would love be the answer to poverty? Would love be the answer to every broken relationship? Would love be the answer to world peace? Would love be the answer to all of our issues?

When I think that love could be the answer, I have to think that it has to start on a personal level. If we each started with ourselves, loving self unconditionally, it could be the beginning to world peace. When we each start to love ourselves and then start to love others as we love ourselves that fear would have to vanish because fear and love cannot occupy the same space. I am less likely to fight a neighbor that I love. I am going to have more compassion on the shortcomings of a mate if I lead with love rather than fear that the relationship will leave me broken. I am going to have more peace and make my choices in life out of love for the Creator rather than fear of the Creator.

When my divorce became final and I found myself alone, I knew that fear could no longer be an option. I didn’t have the understanding then to fill myself with love, I just knew fear could not be an option. I did learn, however, that if I did not allow fear in that I had much more peace and I was more willing to make the necessary decision to move forward. Sometimes I still have to remind myself that fear is not an option. Otherwise I become crippled.

This great enemy is too often overlooked and undermined. And not that it really can stop us, but it does. I heard a friend once say that fear is “False Evidence Appearing Real.” We make it real to us. President Roosevelt said the only thing to fear is fear itself. Fear is real but it is real because we make it real. We keep it living; we feed it, and hold it close. It is disguised as a part of us because it is held too close and deep within us.

Fear is not my friend. It is not a part of who I am. It occupies the space within that should be filled with love. It is time to fill those fearful spaces with love.

Love, Rebecca

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