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Everything has a Reason

Everything that happens in our lives happens for a reason. It has been brought to us with Divine intentions to bring something out of us or to put something into us. It has happened to slow us down or to push us forward. It has happened to grow something that is good or bring to an end something that no longer serves us.

There is a reason and a season for all things. The bad things that happen to good people also have some good inside of it for the same people. I wonder if those bad things happening to those good people bring balance on some cosmic scale???!!! In the reality of life, are there really good and bad people or just people making good and bad choices? And if everything that happens to us, happens for a reason in its season, and if all is by Divine design, then what is the Divine saying to us? Are those bad things happening to the good people really bad things or are they things that those people would just rather not have to deal with or face?

I know some think that death is a bad thing that happens to good people especially when a child is involved. Death to most of us just feels bad. It does not matter how it happens, it just feels bad. It is just so emotionally shocking to us. It feels so final even when you know it is coming. No one wants to say goodbye to someone they love. Every person since the beginning of time has left the same way except for a recorded two or three people.

But death comes for a reason. That reason may be beyond anything we can comprehend during our time of sorrow. Death in itself is a part of life, or a phase of life. It is a part of the eternal journey. It brings an ending and a new beginning. You see, death just like everything else in this world brings to us what we all must constantly live with, change.

All things change and nothing stays the same. Each day is a different day. There is a new sunrise or sunset every day. Each day brings us to something different; no two days have ever been the same. If we take each moment that comes, there will be something different in it for us. Sometimes those things are minor and sometimes they are major.

There is a scripture that says,” in all things give thanks.” If there is good in all bad things, then I should offer gratitude for those things, even if I cannot see them. That is not always easy. Just because I can’t see them, does not mean they are not there. But it doesn’t mean that it is not there just because I can’t see it. The difficulty is once something has been labeled bad, it is hard to go back and see good in it. But I say that there is good in it because we live in a world of duality that presents us with two sides of everything. Everything that has an opposite side is really one of the same with two different views that have been labeled good and bad, right and wrong, up and down, in and out… well you get the point. What if the labels were reversed? From another perspective, it probably is. The person sitting opposite to us is going to have a different view and perspective.

Who decided what was going to be bad and what was going to be good? I know in the mind of many, God would be the answer. Then I would say, if God is the Creator, then God created everything and that includes what has been labeled evil and bad. To those who are set to reject this idea and want to say the devil created it, I would then play the devil’s advocate and say that God would still have had to create that devil. And if this is true, God knowing all things and being the source of all that is has created something out of himself that has been labeled evil. So then, another question would be, is it really evil? Or is it another thing that exist in this duality to help bring us to change and growth? What if that was the real purpose for all the things of change that happens to us? What if the purpose of the devil and bad things are to bring us to greater awareness of who we are and enlightenment to the good inside of us? Or what if it was to bring us to whatever is inside of us that needs to be expanded so that we come to greater realizations of who we are, the potential that we have and to push us forward to our next level of being?

Sometimes we won’t take the leap to our greater purpose. So God, nature, the universe, and or life has to push us. That push is sometimes labeled as a bad thing happening to us. Just like the boss that has to fire us to force us to leap into our purpose. Sometimes a love one has to return to spirit for us to realize the depth of our love capacity or inner strength to stand on our own. Sometimes we must be stripped of all our titles, goods and possessions to set us free to start the life we truly want because we would not have done it ourselves.

I do believe perceived bad things happen to good people because those good people were destined for change to grow into greater people. In the same way, bad things happen to other people for the same reasons, so they too can grow into better people. It is all about growth and change. Life is all about growth and change for all people. When that change happens, we call it good things happening. And so good things happen for good people and they also happen for other bad people. I remind myself here that bad people ae bad people because I choose to view them that way or choose to see the bad in them. I call that part of the societal programming.

We all have two sides. We show one and hide the other. One is in the light and the other is in the shadows. Just like day and night. How one chooses to label these sides is a programming choice. Those “bad” or other people do also have a good side and those “good” people have a bad or another side. So those things that come to us are coming for a reason. They are not coming to punish and hurt us, but to bless and help us become the better and greater aspects of our already good and other selves.

Love, Rebecca

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