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Belief and Unbelief

What if we started a Jesus revolution? What if there was a place for belief right down the line that separates belief from unbelief? I woke up this morning with this thought in my head. I believe it was triggered by an email from a friend the day before. Even though the email was not about starting a Jesus movement, it did trigger a thought in my processes which spat out the question from my subconscious mind. So the question is really as much about belief as it is about Jesus. And there are many beliefs, varying beliefs and unbelief about Jesus as there are thoughts and people.

I believe there is truth and untruth in all things. That does not make me right but it is my belief. Therefore, it is true for me. Isn’t this really what belief is anyway? It is a thought that you think from within yourself to be true even if the original point of thought is from outside of you. No one believes anything that has not become a thought within them. However, the origin of that thought has to enter from some point into the mind.

There are many thoughts on Jesus. There are those that believe all of the stories they have heard. There are those that believe parts of the stories they have heard. And then, there are those who believe none of the stories they have heard. I have my beliefs just like anyone else based upon what I have heard, have read and have opinioned within me based upon my internal structured belief. My structure of belief is to ask the question and believe the answer that resonates true for me within me. It is my process. It must feel right within my gut.

My beliefs on and about Jesus have taken me from one extreme to another. I feel like a pendulum, swinging back and forth over my personal varying belief structures. However, they are personal so I am not trying to persuade anyone else to my belief nor am I looking to be persuaded. My belief generator is right down that line of belief and unbelief. I am strong in that position because for me there is truth and untruth in every story we hear. We live in a world of duality. Everything has a left and right, an inside and outside, a true and false, a male and a female, a high and a low. This could go on and on because it is in every part of our existence. So there is truth in everything but I also feel there is untruth as well.

We are very different beings even though we are the same. The belief spectrum of each person is generating different levels of beliefs. On my spectrum, there may be some of the same colors of belief, but there will also be variations of those same beliefs. The only way they can be exactly the same is for me not to think but merely accept another person’s view entirely. This is unlikely unless I have been preprogrammed as to what I am to think. However, we all have been programmed on beliefs to some degree. Esther Hicks says a “belief is a thought you keep thinking. “

What we think of a thought most of the time is filtered by prior beliefs and experiences already running in our programming. All of our programming is individualized because we are all created differently the same way. We are all having the same human experience differently and we are all processing the same information differently. We read the same books differently. We experience the same events differently.

Talking about Jesus can be a touchy subject. We have been programmed to persuade, coerce, dictate, and propagate our beliefs about Jesus. If those do not work then we bully, criticize, judge and damn for differing beliefs while incorrectly assuming that those who are standing with us, on either side of this belief, all believe totally and solely what we believe.

With that being said, I have no control over anyone else’s belief process just like no one else controls mine. Each control is internal and by choice. I think it is useless frustration to become upset because someone speaks of a belief that may be different from mine. There are just as many others that are different but silent. The frustration may be out of fear that if someone believes differently, they are saying my belief or your belief is wrong. No one wants to be wrong nor does anyone believe that they are wrong. So don’t stone this messenger if my beliefs are not exactly the same as yours. I see and believe through my own personal filters just as you do. I can only accept and add to my belief whatever I can process as truth to and for me. My journey is my journey. Even as you watch and take this journey with me, your experience will be different and personalized to you and your belief. Everything will not resonate with you. That is okay. It does not need to. My hope is that you will have the experience that fits you as I am having the experience that is mine.

Love, Rebecca

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