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Will You Click Your Heels?

How many times have we watched Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz try to find her way home? It’s a classic that we can never seem to get enough of. Year after year, generation after generation, we watch her journey as she come to self-awareness that she always had the power to return home where she longed to be. When she initially arrived in Oz, she was given the one gift she needed to return home. Those red slippers were her gift of power. To imagine that she had to experience all of the challenges that she did when all she had to do, at any given point and time, was to click her heals. It was such a simple thing but without self-awareness, it was useless to her, although they were pretty.

It makes me think about my journey which I have called “Self-Discovery.” But is it really self-discovery as in finding me or is it really coming to a self-awareness? How many gifts have I been given that I have only considered to be nice things to have? How many of those gifts actually possess within them the power to bring me to that place I desire to be?

I believe that when each of us is born into this world, we are given gifts and talents enough to have us fulfill the desires that we carry around within our hearts. These gifts, talents and empowering tools for survival and success have been carefully placed so that they are easily accessible to us. Sometimes they may appear as disguises of something else, like Dorothy’s ruby slippers. But they hold for us the answers to all of our hopes and dreams.

Sometimes it is almost funny how everyone else can see these gifts within us and upon us. Yet we go a lifetime without being aware it is there as we use it for our hobby or something we use in our past-time or part-time work on the side. Often it becomes the thing that people most admire about us with more compliments than we can accept.

I remember visiting a once former tenant at Christmas time and was so in awe of her Christmas tree. Each year, her tree was a showcase stopper. Yet she saw nothing special in it. If I had the ability to decorate a tree as she did, I would have had a tree decorating business at Christmas time. I almost asked her if I could promote her for a fee. She had this unbelievable gift, yet she could not see it. She thought it was nothing that anyone else couldn’t do.

Many of us fall into this comparison trap. We think nothing of what we have because we feel it is common, anyone else can do it or that someone else does it better. And though “some” of this may be true, it does not mean we shouldn’t pursue it. The truth is, someone else or anyone else may be able to do it, but no one else in the world will do it as you would. This is true with anything. Turn on any radio station and there is not one artist that sounds exactly like another. Visit an Art Museum. Each artist has his own signature style. We are all different, so we all bring something a little bit different to the table. Even if we have a twin, there will still be a difference.

Coming to self-awareness is much like coming to an awakening of you. Upon this awakening, you must also come to self-acceptance. It is like coming to know and see who you are, what gifts and talents you have and making a choice to use them. It may be hard to believe and accept that everything we need to succeed and survive in this life has already been provided to and for us. But it has. Sometimes they are obvious and sometimes they are not. Sometimes we have to have what may seem as bad events happen to us to bring them to the surface or shake them loose or even awaken them within us. Sometimes we stumble upon them in situations that make us say “I didn’t know I could do that.”

The beauty of this world is the beauty that we each bring to the table when we use the gifts that we each have been given. Each of us holds a piece of the puzzle that completes the existence of each other. We all have a piece of the puzzle to bring to the table of humanity.

My road to self-discovery is leading me down the road to self-acceptance. As I become self-aware of what I bring to the table, self-acceptance helps me to appreciate it with a willingness to add to the table of humanity.

Just like Dorothy, I too, along with you have been given my gift and power, to get where I have always desired to go, to become what I have desired to be and/or to do what I have desired to do. As I become self-aware, can I and will I click my heals?

Love, Rebecca

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