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I am realizing each day that every day is a new place on my journey. There is always something new to discover and become aware of. As I move from one space and place into another, if I remain present, I will see something I had not seen before. I will see and am seeing different aspects of the same scene.

I remember one evening driving home on the expressway I noticed the most beautiful sunset with clouds surrounding rays of the sun. It was simply amazing. I wanted to stop and get a picture but could not pull over at that point of beauty. I decided to pull off the next exit. I did not realize that I had lost that particular point of beauty until I was able to stop to get the picture. That is when it hit me that the particular place of beauty I saw a mile before was different from this point of beauty I now found on the same road. Not only had my location perspective change, but the clouds and the sun had changed in perspective as well. The moment, the sky, the location and my feelings about it had all totally changed. I knew I would never see that moment, that sky or the view of the sunset ever again exactly the same way.

So it is with life. Each moment that passes is a separate, different moment unto itself. If I am not present at that moment, it is impossible to recreate it again. Even if I do what I just did all over again, it will still be different.

What I am learning from this is that time changes everything, even those things that appear to be the same. It is impossible to hold time or repeat time. This same time also changes us or as some may say, we change with time. Just as that sunset changed with time, so do we. It does not mean we are no longer beautiful, we just become and show a different aspect of ourselves and/or our beauty.

I am coming to see myself and my life in different aspects of who I am. Time has a way of presenting aspects and views of what might appear to be the same situation, personality, and understanding. I believe this is part of the discovery of self. I think it is about taking the time to be present and looking at the same self from different angles at different points in time.

I believe we expand ourselves as we add knowledge, grow in perspectives, and seek greater understanding of self. I believe that part of self-discovery is becoming aware and being present in more of the moments in our own lives where we can see who we truly are. I believe being aware of our thoughts and listening to our own beliefs and perspectives is a way to discover who we truly are.

My self-discovery journey is becoming a journey of self-awareness. It is a journey of listening to me, the internal me that is the true self. As I listen and spend time with myself, I begin to see different aspects of myself. Some of them are amazing and some not so much. Some beliefs are being modified and adjusted. Some old beliefs are being abandoned. Some things are becoming clearer and some things require being put on the back burner for now.

I am finding that there are some core aspects and beliefs that have not changed much as I observe who I am. These beliefs are important to me. Paul Selig states in his book “the Book of Mastery: The Mastery Trilogy: Book 1” an affirmation that has hit home with me and speaks to my inner being in a profound way. He states “I know who I am, I know what I am, I know how I serve, I am here, I am here, I am here.”

The journey to self-discovery is really my journey to self-awareness. I realize it is personal as each journey is. I am grateful to come to this knowing of who I am, what I am and how I serve. “I am here, I am here, I am here.”

Love, Rebecca

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