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Points of Change

Points of Change

There comes a point of time in our lives when we know that one road has ended and another has begun. I am at one of those points of change. I have no concrete proof. I cannot say how I know it but I do. So I am calling it a point of change or a turning point.

I was working on my lesson for the course I had been taking to work toward ordination. As I neared the completion of that lesson, I felt an ending. Yes I was definitely ending that particular lesson but I also felt another ending. Sometimes it is hard to accept those premonitions. Sometimes we just don’t want something that we have felt apart of or felt was a part of us to end. But I didn’t resist this time. I packed all of those lessons and materials up and stored them away.

When I made the decision to release myself from all of my duties at my church, it took a couple of months to finally say okay and embrace that change. Once that decision was made I accepted that turning point. Once I did, my peace returned to me.

It is not always easy accepting a point of change. It is just not easy sometimes accepting change. But change is good and change is growth. It is also a given in life. I once heard someone say, “The only thing that is permanent is change.” When we overlook this truth, we can get caught in the wrong relationship, wrong business deal, wrong church, wrong job, wrong place and space of being. We must accept and follow our point of change.

Shift Happens

Shifts are points of changes. When shifts happen, to us, for us and with us, we must shift also. Sometimes we see it, feel it and even know it is coming, but fail to go and flow with it. We miss the bend in the road. We get caught up into what we look like, what we feel like, what we are doing, who we think we are and where we think we are. We like the familiarity of where and what and who we are. Many times this comfort is a soft warning that we are headed to a point of change or that a shift is about to happen.

I ignored my signs. I saw them. I’ve always been able to read them for others yet I missed my own. I heard the warning; it did not register. I was so set on my own vision and purpose. I was certain of my destiny and call as some would say.

The wonderful thing about purpose and calling and destiny is that you almost can’t get it wrong because even if you miss the turn, you can always get back on track. You may run off the road, or end up in the ditch or find yourself on the wrong road. But the key is finding you, or waking up and/or making the adjustment to get back on track. The same road that you take off track leads right back to it unless pride and guilt puts up a roadblock.


Sometimes you have to have a little help from your “frenemies.” These are the people who help you negotiate your point of change to keep you on track or help you get back to your path of purpose. We all need them and have them to help us. We may assume their intentions are there to harm us, but what they do brings us to and helps us through many points of change. I have come to appreciate them and am grateful for them. They have come into my life for a great purpose.

Part of the Journey

There are many things that can happen in our lives to mark turning points and points of change. Sometimes these things can seem catastrophic; sometimes they feel minor and subtle. Every change can indicate a turn in some aspect of our lives. If it causes a shift and forces an adjustment, it is a point of change. Sickness, job change, retirement, marriage, divorce, death, birth, the list goes on and on. These points of change force us to shift our feelings, our thoughts, location, how we live, who we love, how we love, what we know or don’t know. It is a natural part of the journey.

I am good with my turning points. I am at the moment, trying to keep my eyes open and ears attuned to new changes and turning point signs and warnings. It is not always easy because we get comfortable.

Stepping down from the Pastoral Committee at church was a major turning point in 2016 for me. But I realize now that my path shifted months ago. I didn’t heed the signs. However, it is so peaceful and freeing when you come to your true awareness that the road turned for you and that you need to get on a different path. It is a peaceful change when you realize you have come to the end of one purpose and plan and new ventures lie ahead.

So this is my glance back to say goodbye to what once was and hello to what is to come. I started this journey to self-discovery when I realized the road had turned for me and a shift had happened. I am trying to keep my focus forward now. I believe greater things are before me than what was left behind me. I do realize, however, that without traveling that road, I would not have gotten to this road. So I am grateful for all the experiences along that road that helped me prepare for this one. I now move toward the mark or goal of a greater calling and purpose, one that has been there all along. I just needed to negotiate my point of change.

Love, Rebecca

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