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New Beginnings: Re-sets and Choices

Every new day is a new beginning. Abraham Hicks says that every day we get to hit the reset button. I believe we are continually hitting the reset button with every decision and every choice we make. Every decision and every choice changes something in our lives, changes a plan and sometimes even changes destiny.

There are so many paths, options and choices to take and make. When I think about the decision and choices, it is very easy to be concerned about making a mistake. No one wants to intentional get it wrong. But is there such a thing as getting it wrong if that choice is an option. I’m not sure you can get it wrong. What is a wrong choice anyway? If it is a wrong choice, then why would it be there as a choice? What cruelty then would have been placed upon humanity by the Creator to stack the deck against us? I cannot bring my beliefs to accept the thought that a God of love sets traps and land-mines to cause failure.

I believe each choice to be a different path and another road to get to the ultimate destination. Often in my travels when taking a driving trip, I have looked at maps to decide which highways I was going to take to my desired destination. I always had multiple options.

I recall one trip I took to Virginia Beach when I lived in Pittsburgh. On the return trip, I revisited the map looking for a shorter and faster way home. The highway on the map looked like the straightest route and most direct route back. The beginning of that return trip was very smooth and straight. I was making excellent time. In fact, I seemed to be making record time. However, I had no idea what laid ahead of me on this return trip. I had studied the map but overlooked a very crucial aspect on the map.

I came to one little town on the map in West Virginia and we stopped to get some food and gassed up the car. What lay before me on the outskirts of that town should have had a warning sign that said Appalachian Mountains ahead. There was no way one could know or perceive this driving experience prior to actually having it. It was the most challenging drive I'd ever had or have had since. All of this driving experience happened at night with one mountain curve and turn, up one side and down the other. However, once through the mountains, it was the best road ever for the rest of the journey.

I don’t think I would have made that choice had I known what I would have to face on that journey. I would have gladly taken the longer way back home. As I look back at it now, was it a wrong choice for me? Was it a mistake to take that way home? Having to travel a rough road doesn’t make it a wrong choice. It was an option that presented me with a challenge. I still made it home. I achieved the intended results which were to reach my destination.

How did that choice change anything for me? It gave me a mountain drive experience I did not expect to have. It helped me to understand that mountainous roads on a map are going to be very different in reality. By me sharing my driving story with others, others have learned to make other choices, or not, depending on what they desire to experience. That trip gave me stronger resolve in my driving experiences. I felt that I could drive anywhere through varied conditions after that. The experience made me stronger.

I learned from that choice that every decision and choice is just that, a decision and a choice. Whether it is a right or wrong choice depends on how I want to look at it. Either way, a decision had to be made to get where I was going. I always had options on that journey to readjust and choose a different route. I believe we always have options. We come to these crossroads where we may have to revisit the map and decide if we want to change or readjust the option and try another road.

I have changed my mind more than once in the middle of a trip to try a different route, hoping it would lead me to my destination in less time. Sometimes I changed the route to have a specific experience, see a specific site, visit a specific city, and even to avoid traffic. Every change in choice was like hitting the reset button, with constant changes along my journey. Each reset is a new experience.

Now as I look back over my life, I realize that my journey has been on what looked like constant resets. There is no way I could have planned all of the choices I made. My resets, set-backs, set-ups have been too many to count. The roads I have traveled have had roadblocks and detours. I have had to cross rivers and climb mountains. I have had sunshine and rain, wash-outs and gravel roads. There were warning signs I took under advisement and some I totally ignored. These roads were options, but I could not know what lay before me until I made the choice to travel that way.

Today, I have once again options to choose which path I will take. After my past experiences, I am at peace with whatever road I have the option to take. I don’t think of my choices as good or bad, right or wrong. I know that I will reach the destination before me. We all would prefer to smooth road, beautiful views and vistas, with all of the conveniences we desire.

When I look back on my experiences, I am grateful for the roads I have had the options to travel. They truly were my options. I chose each road I traveled. I created each experience by each choice I made. Each choice has led me here, to this new road, setting off on another journey, making a new choice to find what I somehow missed on the other life journeys I took.

I have traveled much and I have learned much along the way. The one trip that I failed to take is the one I now take. I want to find the one that I didn’t take the time to know, to love, or to understand as I should have. I want to go back and pick up her broken dreams and lost hopes. I want to dig deep and root out her fears. I want to honor her and give her the personal recognition I have never given her before. I want to help her become her best authentic self.

So today, once again, I am hitting the reset button.

Love, Rebecca

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