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Attachments, Guides, and Contracts

Covers Negative Assignments, Handlers, Guides and Contracts

  • 30 min
  • 50.00
  • By Distance with permission

Service Description

There is a dark Force in the Universe that does not want us walking in our power, achieve our goals or have a positive impact upon the world, these are known as Negative Assignments. These forces can put blocks in our paths to keep us just a bit off track. They do not have to remain in your life. ​ Handlers are one of the ways these forces keep you off track. They assign someone in your life to help keep you off track. We take a look at your Guides to see how they are working for you. Contracts are spiritual agreements and promises made which involve another party, are now invalid but continue to cost us and have negative impact upon us.

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Rochester, NY, USA

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