Polarity of Light and Your Quality of Guides

The vibration and light quotient of a person will dictate the level of guides

that they have. The initial assignment of guides is determined by current life light as well as past-life propensity of light.

When past-life issues have not been resolved, healed or lessons completed, we bring those issues in with us. Those issues can affect the level of light we are able to hold and carry. This polarity of light leaves us with or makes us vulnerable to low-level guides depending on where we are and what our life plans are. It can be like starting with disadvantages built in.

Our polarity of light, our inclinations and leanings toward the light or our leanings away from the light either opens the door or closes the door to lower vibrational guides. If one is operating on level three, the chances are greater for level three guides will come in versus guides at a level nine.

It has been my experience during healing sessions that those who take the short route back to earth upon death have had a higher propensity to lower-light guides. Some of those guides have only carried 15% light. In one case, the guide carried a negative percentage of light. I wondered how that was possible to be so dark you could carry a negative level of light.

The situation with this individual was that in his previous life, as a woman, he poisoned the husband. And because he did not want to face the judgment, went the short route and returned immediately back to earth. He skipped the entire life review, waiting room, received no healing or classes, did not come to understand and learn from that life and plan t

he next one experience. Instead, he came right back without a new plan to re-learn and re-live the last lessons. He brought back everything he left with the last time. This in itself lowered his light level and established his polarity.

Each time I would ask about lower-level guides in my healing sessions, I would hear or be told that it’s the polarity. I could not understand it at first. But the polarity has everything to do with what that attraction is about, what the leanings are, what the inclinations are and what we draw to us. Sometimes the nicest people can have these low-level guides. Their polarity can be off as they wonder why these bad things keep happening to them. Sometimes their lives will feel like one continuous loop. They keep coming back around to the same issue over and over again.

This is where healing comes in. The past-life issue is one thing to review to see if it is having a negative impact upon your life. It is good to see if there is an unresolved issue that keeps pulling you back to the spinning wheel and keeps the lower-level guides locked in. But just because they are there, doesn’t mean that they have to remain there any more than you. It has been said that knowledge is power. The older generation of my day used to say, “when you know better, you do better.” It is time to shift the polarity with the knowledge we have. This is the beauty of free-will.

In healing the polarity, it is quite permissible to fire the guides. Guides are selected for us or chosen for us based upon our polarity. If our inclination to the light is high, lower-level guides have a harder time functioning with too much light. That doesn’t mean they will just decide to jump off your team, they just become a little more overpowered. However, they will work against you at any opportune time. That’s what they are there for. Therefore, since Guides are selected depending on your polarity, Guides can change based on changes in your polarity.

Everything that comes to us or goes from us is based upon our freewill. We use this freewill to make choices. Our choices are influenced by our inclinations and orientations to choose from either the light or the darkness. When we lean toward the darkness and make our choices from that orientation, it opens the door and gives permission to lower-level guides to join our team. The Negative Assignment Guides need these openings to have permission to add lower-level or lower-light guides to our team.

Although we may have lower-level or lower-light Guides, it does have to remain that way. Those Guides can be replaced. However, other factors come into play with these replacements, such as, what is needed to maintain the higher-light Guides. Just wanting them is not quite enough because the challenges will be there by those who are Negative Assignments to affect your polarity. The ability to hold light and minimize the dark becomes a factor. Your shifting polarity can also be a factor to heal and correct.

So yes, we have the freewill to ask for and accept guides at any level. We also have the freedom to reject them. We can set our own standards of acceptance. However, we must remember that we have a part to play as well for “whom much is given, much is required.” Setting the standard for higher level guides also means that we agree to raise our own level of light and accept the “more” that will be required of us. We must be ready to accept the challenge of becoming “more” light oriented to maintain Guides with Higher Light. This is the more that is required of us.

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