Pendulum Healing Services 

Currently All Healing is done by Distance

A report is submitted to the client upon completion of session

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Healing Assessment                                                          $50

(Assessment is required prior to all full sessions to determine if  and how much 

work is needed.  Client can then decide how much or what they would like to have done.  Assessment work takes normally 1.5 hours)

Assessment includes:

Determining levels of vitality for overall energy field,

          aura, chakras.

Checking for entity attachments, fragments, cords,

          curses, blocks and masses

Scan of meridians to determine if they are sedated or overactive

Determine if color therapy is needed

Determine if Bach Flower Therapy is needed

Determine if Heaven/Earth connection is needed

Determine if Yin/Yang is balance

Vitality scan of Organs

Consultation of results

Standard Full Energy Healing Session                      $100

(A healing assessment is required  first for this service)

Energy Vitality Scan

Chakra Scan for Balance and Clarity

Aura Scan for Abnormalities

Scan for Attachments and Entities

        clearing where needed 

Scan for fragments - 

        healing when necessary

Scan for attached negative cords

        removal when necessary

Clearing of Non-Beneficial Energy

Heaven and Earth Connection


Full Energy Healing Session Plus                            $125

(A healing assessment is required  first for this service)

Standard Full Session list plus

Body Organs Scan with applicable Applications

Meridian Scan and Applicable Applications

Yin/Yang Balance

Chakra-Aura Energy Healing                                   $50

Energy vitality scan

Chakra Scan for balance and clarity

Aura Scan for abnormalities

Clearing of Non-Beneficial Energy

Clock Balance Healing *                                          $50

Clear Germs, Viruses and Phobias

Clear non-beneficial energy

Clear out-dated contracts and vows

Cut Cords

Open Chakras

Re-align energy

Update Akashic Records, if needed

*Please note that everything on the list may not be needed

and therefore not done

Situational Command Healing                                $30

(Mentql Dowsing)

Select any situation or item for Healing. Each item will

entail at least 3 commands.  Increase ability to receive is 

automatically included with each request.

Medical Procedures (protection, success)

Automobile (purchase, repair, protection)

Home Protection


Family Planning

Past Events

Future Purchases

Weight management





Legal Concerns


Work Related

Other (not included on the list)


What is an Energy Vitality Scan?

An Energy Vitality Scan is where your personal body wavelength is calculated to determine the level of your vitality overall which may indicate energetic issues.

What happens with an Aura Scan?

The Aura is scanned to determine if there are blockages, masses, tears, holes or any type of damage done to the Aura.  A damaged Aura makes you vulnerable to attachments.

What is an Attachment and or an Entity?

An Attachment or Entity or Entity Attachment is when a spirit from the astral plane becomes attached to your Auric Field and lives off of your energy.

What are Fragments?

When we experience trauma in any form in our lives, we can possibly become fragmented where we lose some of our soul energy.  Events such as surgeries, abuse, traumatic accidents or experiences are a few things that can cause soul loss resulting in fragmentation.

What is a Negative Cord?

Being in unhealthy relationships can result in us having Negative Cords attached.  Parasitic Relationships or relationships where others suck our energies can be the result of attached Negative Cords.

What is a Meridian Scan?

We all have a Meridian System or Energy Channels that extend all over our bodies flowing through organs and muscles.  These Meridians will sometimes become blocked from once again traumatic life experiences interrupting

the energy flow.  The scan can determine if there are blocks or other interruptions and clear them out.

What is the Clock Balance Healing About?

The Clock Balance Healing gives a clearing of any applicable issues listed per individual.  It is generalized and does not give a detailed report of the specific clearing.  It just clears it without questions.  It is called Clock Balance Healing because the format is designed similarly to a clock.

What is Heaven/Earth connection?

Heaven and earth connection is verifying connection and grounding to earth and being connected to heaven in a balanced way.  The process connects you to a correct part of mother earth as well as a correct part of heaven.


 What is the Yin/ Yang Balance about?


This is a check to see what your male female energy ratio is.  It gives you the option of adjusting it if you are not please with the ratio of it or if the ratio is out of balance.  It also  determines the vitality of the Yin/Yang energy.

What is Situational Command Healing?

Situational Command Healing is basic mental dowsing.  It is using the pendulum to affect and/or change situations.  An example of this would be to use a command to "Increase my ability to receive money"

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