What is Pendulum Healing

Pendulum Healing is another form of energy healing or spiritual healing.  It is done by using a pendulum that carries a vibration for healing to affect positive changes in health and well-being.  It works on body, mind and soul. It is believed that when your soul and your mind feels better, your body will too.

 Pendulum, healing shifts and removes blockages, clears non-beneficial energies, adds beneficial energy,  increases energy, raises vibrations, clears and balances the chakras,  clears the aura, removes non-beneficial entities, removes cords, and much, much more.

Can Healing be done by Distance?

Yes, This Healing can be done by distance.  Most of my healing sessions have been done by distance.  However, the client must give written permission before I will make an energetic connection. 

What kind of Pendulum is used for this Healing?

What are the limitations on this Modality?

The Pendulums used for this type of healing carry a specific vibration that works with the energy around us through commands.

These Healing Pendulums work with light energies and frequencies to effect changes in the energy body.

The limitations on this modality are the   inability to believe, inability to receive and inability to ask.  

The healing is done through verbal and non-verbal commands as intentions, affirmations and prayers.

All of my healings are done through love. It is my desire to make a difference wherever I can and with whomever I can. 

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Pendulum Healing

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