Pendulum Healing Class

January 28, 2021

7pm EST

Pendulums have been around forever.  So has Healing.  However, to many, Pendulum Healing may be new.  This class is an introduction to the vast world of Pendulum Healing.  


The Pendulum Healing modality taps into the flow of energy that is all around us using commands that are from simple to complex.  With Pendulum Healing, anything is possible.  The only limitations are the inabilities to believe in all possibilities.  If it can be formulated into a command, healing and wholeness is possible as all thoughts and things are energy.

If you are a healer looking to expand your offerings, this is a class for you.  If you love pendulums and would like to see what else is possible beyond yes and no dowsing, this class is a must.

In this class, you will learn 

-Best practices for accuracy

-How to attune your pendulum to work with you

-How to attune your pendulum for connection to Source, God or your Higher Self

-How to formulate commands

-How to release non-beneficial energy

-How to increase your ability to receive

-and more

This class is being presented by Zoom.  

Requirements:   Isis Healing Pendulum

Fee:   $100

To Register for this Class click here

The Isis Healing pendulum will be required for this class.  Please select either gold, gold-plated, silver, wood or copper pendulums.  You may purchase one at any of the following sites  where the prices vary:

Intuitive Dowsing

The Pendulum Store

Baj Pendulums Co UK


The Zoom link along with a handout for the class will be issued 2 days prior to the class via email. Registration for this class ends Monday, January 25, 2021.

You may contact me via email at or via text message at 585-305-7323.

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