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Group Healing Event

Monday, November 6, 2023, At 7pm

Pendulum Healing by Rebecca Washington works to bring healing to your energy body, as well as your spiritual body.

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Rebecca Washington works directly with Source Creator to remove attachments, heal fragments, soul loss, clear negative assignments, remove negative cords, remove generational curses, parental wounding, clear locks and bands, clear and balance chakras and more.

This healing is powerful and effective. 


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The Benefits of
Pendulum Healing
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Clear and remove the locks and bands that control what you can and cannot do. 


Remove outdated contracts, cuts cords  and free yourself of energy drainers that no longer benefit you.


Clear them, unblock them, open them and even energize them.  At the same time, renew and refresh your Aura


 Clear those hitchhikers that drain your energy daily and leave you feeling exhausted.

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Life Changing Testimonies

"Rebecca was extremely informative and very nice to meet. Prior to doing her amazing work I was able to ask questions and was provided with a detailed written report once my initial treatment was completed. The effects of my complete healing treatment have lasted for months! I felt heaviness lift in my spirit almost immediately, I received clarity and insight, people that I shouldn't have been attached to dropped out of my life without explanation and money that I had been waiting months for arrived within a couple days. THANK YOU REBECCA for this life-changing experience!"

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